Friday, 20 January 2017


I am sure we have all at sometime wondered who to contact when we see something wrong in our area. Well now there is a ‘Problem Central’ where you can report all manner of problems that need fixing. Its online and is called FIX MY STREET. Anyone can report a problem. When you report a problem the council or relevant authority knows within minutes or at night the very next morning.

I report many things, my local council removed a dead fox from the road near where I had a mooring, various road defects have been fixed,  but my best effort was to get a fence built to stop cars parking on a grass verge outside a Co-op and turning it into a mud puddle.

Everyone can make a report just by clicking the logo in the right margin here. Or see the www. address in the poster below. Before reporting aa problem ask yourself can I fix this myself (litter etc) if not get in touch.

Be a good citizen report problems and get them fixed.



Carol said...

Thanks for this link Maffi, very useful.

Oakie said...

Been using it for ages and gotta lotta things fixed around the area of my home mooring.