Friday, 16 November 2012

To Hawkesbury

When I finally shifted my butt, I got another couple of bags of rubbish together and set off to Hawkesbury Junction. I was surprised to see the field clean and the Dog Bins emptied they must have known I was coming. However the bushes by the  lock were full of garbage.

Last year this water point/loading bay on the Coventry was full of of Over stayers/CMers this year none! Hooray CRT!


If any one would like to organise a small working party the wooded area behind the water point is full of rubbish.  I think it will take three or four people about an hour. Email me its on my profile.

Anyway I was able to unload my ‘cargo’ of litter and head off on my way.



RayT said...

Maffi, lovely to meet you today.


Ray T

Maffi said...

Nice to meet you Ray Thanks for stopping by.

Pirate Badger said...

I sincerely hope that you were proudly wearing your "Dealing with Everyone Elses Shit From Here to Hawkesbury Junction" T-shirt whilst trampling through the garbage in the very place that inspired it! Happy travels & travails + give my love to the Molster... :o)