Thursday, 15 November 2012

Rugby to All Oaks Wood

Sunday afternoon I made the two mile journey to Newbold. on the way I spotted three bags of rubbish on the path so I picked them up and delivered them to the disposal point a couple of hundred yards further down. 

Newbold is famous for its Diwali lights in the tunnel. Of the thirty lamps fitted (in ten groups of three) there are only five working which leaves the tunnel looking a bit sparse. Last year I think there were six lamps working. I have written to the council, again, to let them know. The lights are turned off when its dark because they disrupt the bats. I kid you not!DSCF1333

It was raining Monday, I thought I would stay put, but it cleared up in the afternoon so I moved on to All Oaks Wood. It really is nice out there, especially when dressed in all its autumnal finery.

I set to next day to clear the huge amount of litter that adorns the car parking area. I was on my third bag load when it occurred to me that I was picking up human doo-doo. I stopped. I thought my efforts might be better used on the tow path, where I was able to collect about forty bagged dog doo-doos. Most of these were in Morrison's carrier bags. It seems not only is ‘bag-it-and–chuck-it’ acceptable, it is also the done thing to clean your hands with a wet wipe and throw that into the hedge as well. I left after lunch with four very unsavoury bags on the roof.


Image1322 This sign doesn’t seem to be working


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