Monday, 5 November 2012


So after breakfast on Friday I set off again past the iconic Windmill at Napton.
I hadn’t gone much more than a mile or so when I encountered nbValerie moored not far from the junction. This was one year and two weeks since I last saw them at Prison Bend. A kettle was waved in the window  by Les and I stopped. Lunch was offered by Jaq and accepted. They are off to the states again this morning (Mon).

DSCF5179After a long chat about this and that I set off again heading for Braunston. I had last year cleaned up quite a large part of that stretch and was surprised to see that it was still reasonably clear. Except, that is, for this:-DSCF5180One bag full of  domestic waste. I can only think it was a boater. I continued on and stopped at bridge 100 for the night. Saturday morning I met Kiwidad on nbAshdown whilst I was walking Molly and then, after I got my head sorted I headed off to Braunston arriving early afternoon and mooring just past the Gongoozler’s Rest as always.

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Anonymous said...

Well at least they bagged it for you.