Thursday, 1 November 2012


I moored at Cropredy on Tuesday night as I wrote yesterday. The traffic in and through Croppers was manic it wasn’t helped by the CRT staff manoeuvring tugs and flats about near the water point the following morning.There are a number of moorings at Cropredy that are well used (14 day & 48hrs). There was a level of pandemonium with boats wanting to use the water point, boats wanting to pass to the lock, boats coming out of the lock and flats all over the place. CRT are not to be blamed, they have to get prepared for the coming closures, although I think doing this in half-term week was not well thought out.

After I left I passed by the new marina currently under construction. It is a big hole. Once the marina is finished I envisage Cropredy will become a a no stopping place for the myriad boaters who travel the Oxford canal. I can see that many of the boaters that take a mooring at the marina will often visit their boats and take a tripette down to the nearest turning point, moor up nearby pop to the pub for an evening out, spend a night or two then return home. This will put a lot of pressure on the available moorings and those who would stop overnight may find it difficult to moor. Most certainly not in the volumes that I saw on Tuesday night. I fear Cropredy will change for ever.

Hopefully they will stay in the marina during ‘Fairport’ week.

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Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

It will prbably only be weekends when they go out for a night or maybe two. I have fond on the river here in the east that all the moorings empty early evening as they all scurry back for the night safely tucked up with a shore supply.