Monday, 12 November 2012


I am absolutely bemused. The government is to ‘look’ into this whole BBC Newsnight fiasco. It is like they are saying they have no idea what is happening at the BBC, and yet if you look at the BBC’s coverage of the NHS sell off it has been criminally non-existent. That is not a situation the BBC engineered on their own. I cannot believe that the government have not had an input to this.

The BBC have consistently failed to highlight the government selling off the NHS to its mates. They have given scant coverage of this whole debacle. Had Newsnight put some effort into the NHS scandal we might still have a NHS to be proud of, but their coverage has been scant, next to non-existent. Please don't tell me that no one at No 10 has had any influence on that, that no one in the House of Lords has had any influence on that, because I just won’t believe you. Members of all three sections of our democracy will become unbelievably rich at the expense of the NHS.

Not reporting a story that affects the whole nation is equally as negligent as erroneously reporting a story that effects one individual.

Our government should be ashamed of themselves, not because they are manipulating the venerated BBC, but because they think we will believe they are not.

Eton College is a plague on our democracy. The sooner David Cameron and his school mates are ejected form the Mother of all Parliaments the better. I don’t care how good they are, they do not have the best interests of this once great country foremost in their hearts.

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