Friday, 26 August 2016

Sadiq the Crook

This is Sadiq Khan. He is Mayor of London. He has a big fat office on the south bank of the Thames. I am thinking he can get to any where in London in his chauffer driven car in no time at all IF he should need to. He also has the option of the bus and the Tube.  So why is he working whist travelling on an overland train?


This is a posed picture. He was probably reading the newspaper prior to the picture being taken. The idea being to make Jeremy Corbyn look stupid. That is not on any train I have been in so I assume it is not your standard cattle class truck. This man knows how to lie and London will rue the day he was voted into his meagre post. He is only the mayor of fucking London but he thinks he is the king. Asshole!


I am not Labour/socialist, but Corbyn is a greater man than he will ever be!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

No Problem XL

There I was cruising down the Thames just above Dorney when who should I spy but NPXL languishing on the bank.DSCF0366



Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Computers? PAH!

I started computing 25 years ago. I have in that time had many computers. I started at work with a 286 then progressed to a 386 of my own. This I eventually up graded to a 486 with all the bells and whistles. After I left the RAF I worked abroad where I bought numerous computers for far less than we pay here. What ever the latest CPU was I had it. I bought my first lappy just before I left Saudi to come live on my boat. Since then I have have had several more culminating with this ACER which is number 6. Always I have had a better CPU than before. I can say with some certainty that never, ever have I had a lappy that is as slow as this fecker. From my point of view in 25 years both the computer companies and Microsoft have failed to fix many basic problems with their systems.

I have millions of gigabytes of memory where as I used to have, at the beginning, only 1 meg. But back in this days programmers had to be clever to use 1 meg as efficiently as possible. Today they are spoiled. They are greedy for memory and write with abandon giving no care for the people for whom they write their programs for, US!

Microsoft, as we all know, have consistently failed to produce a product that improves on the failures of previous versions. Instead the new version has many many many problems of it own. What amazes me is we know this and WE STILL KEEP BUYING CRAP!.

Monday, 22 August 2016


The fridge and porta pottie have been relocated in to the correct place for disposal.

Sunday, 21 August 2016


So why have I been away so long? Well I bought a new laptop a month or two ago and shortly after broke the screen. I have just got it back.

I stopped at Beale Park on Saturday morning. A visit from the youngest daughter was imminent, GD and all. While in the vicinity of the park we paid a visit. I have a dislike for caged birds, but overall it was a good event. We lunched in the park and ‘dined’ at the Swan in Whitchurch.








I am back: on the Thames.

Wow it has been nearly two months since my last post this is the longest period of non- posting since I broke my Achilles tendon in 2008. However I am keeping up with the last post of rubbish, as indeed most of my posts are rubbish.

I have been on the Thames since Thursday. I spent Thursday in Abingdon. I hadn’t planned to stop in Abingdon but they have a Waitrose so it would be disrespectful not to. I moored in front of Tim and Helen on Hercules. We both ended up in Waitrose.  In passing down the veggie isle Tim said “We are lighting the BBQ when we get back you are welcome to join us. Well I am a sucker for a meal any time so in stead of shooting off as soon as the shopping was done, I stayed the night.  We had a very enjoyable evening. T&H provided the meat/salad/wine, I provided strawberries and cream./wine.

Anyway I digress.  I am currently moored on an island down stream of Sonning. I like mooring here, usually there is no one else and I get to wander around in the buff. Not so today.  There are some canoeists nearby, but they will be gone soon. I moored right on the end of the island. This is not good. A lump of willow has fallen and restricted the available space. I set to sawing the willow an made the space more comfortable. At this mooring spot skankey bastards have dumped their trash. A mini fridge and a half a porta pottie. I am sick of removing bogs from nice moorings. This makes eight in five years!



Dirty Bastards!

What is really annoying is Shiplake Lock a mile down stream has disposal facilities. I guess some people are just skanky bastards and always will be.

Monday, 27 June 2016

More boaters crap

I don’t really understand what is so difficult about the use of litter bins. It is really simple. This bin (pictured below) is for sweet wrappers, cans and bottles like general waste! It is not an industrial disposal unit for boaters to dump piles of crap

Now please take note and take your rubbish to a proper disposal point.


Sunday, 12 June 2016

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


The President of America is lying again. Now I shouldn’t be able to say that about a POTUS and it doesn’t just apply to the current incumbent. They all do, but currently the POTUS is not just a lying scumbag but he lies for the benefit of Islam (takkiya).

He says that terrible atrocities were committed in the Crusades and on that point he may be right, but by whom?

From the time of the false prophet for over 400 years the soldiers of Islam had rained down terror across the Middle East, North Africa, Southern Europe, and Eastern Europe covering a huge swathe of the then known world.

Towards the end of the 11 Century The leader of the Byzantine Empire asked the Pope to help their fight against the Islamic marauders. The pope asked us as well as other Catholic countries to send troops to regain Christian lands, the Crusades.

These are the battles that took place in the crusades.


By comparison these were minor compared to the Islamic wars that had taken place for the last 500 years Their battle map looks like this and it is still taking place today.


Now you tell me who the aggressor is.

We were invited by the Emperor of Byzantine, via the pope, to help the Christians countries get their lands back from the invading Islamic armies.

Why is the President openly telling such lies in America. More important do the Americans believe this shit. I surely hope not. When a moslem, yes he is a moslem, talks about atrocities remember their legal system is a series of atrocities such as beheadings, rape, beating, amputation, stoning  and even crucifixion. Gay men and women are thrown off tall buildings and Christian children are disembowelled in front of their parents who are then murdered. Atrocity? Islam invented the word.

We all need to understand about Islam and the Crusades watch this please

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Monday, 2 May 2016


Sorry but this is so dangerous. And before any apologists bleat on about not knowing the whole story, this boat was traveling with two others (one of them towing the others) between them they could have come up with a safer system of mooring.